Valentines day History: All you need to know about Valentine Day

Happy Valentines day 2017 wallpapersValentines day, which is also known as Saint Valentines day or feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on 14th February as National Holiday in some states. It is celebrated to honor early saint named Valentine and is known as religious and cultural celebration in many countries.

Valentine’s Day History:

Saint Valentine, a defined Roman priest lived during the 3rd century A.D under Emperor Claudius. Claudius was an ambitious ruler, his battles required vast armies of men to stay away from their families for a long period of time resulting in a military that was half-hearted and home sick.  So determined was Claudius to stop love for sapping the will of his army. So he banned marriages.

Father valentine thought the ban unjust and thought to stand against the emperor. St Valentines continued to marry young lovers in secrets without knowing. Claudius came to know the priest actions, he arrested him and sentenced him to death.

It is believed that young couple who he secretly wed visit his cell passing him flowers and notes through the bars. The condemn father fell in love with his jailer’s daughter.

On February 14th the day he was executed. It is said that he passed the young girl (jailer’s daughter) a note. it was signed “From Your Valentine” and a traditions was born!

Valentines day history

Modern Valentines Day:

Our modern valentines day has evolved into one of the most celebrated holidays in calendar. On average Americans shower their loved ones with over 200 million Red roses and almost 50 million heart shaped boxes of candies. ( Not to mention all those dinners, cards and diamonds )

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